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Hotel Review: Conrad Bora Bora

Getting There

We arrived at the Conrad Bora Bora after a stay at the St Regis Bora Bora. Typically transferring between hotels in Bora Bora is quite expensive and requires private boat transfers of ~$300. Hotels strongly discourage traveling between hotels as they want to keep guests spending on property.

We decided to save some money by taking the St Regis ferry to the St Regis base ($50), a taxi to Vaitape ($40), and then the Conrad ferry from Vaitape to the Conrad ($22). On the way we stopped at Chin Lee market in Vaitape to pick up some sodas and snacks, spending $50 on groceries that would have easily cost $300 at the resort.


Upon our arrival at the Conrad, we were given a highly professional warm welcome by the staff. Staff knew our names, our special occasion, and where we were from - all from memory. A manager greeted us, and one of the managers carted us to our villa and gave us a property tour. The welcome was much more professional than what we experienced at the St Regis.

While guests typically have to pay to get upgraded to overwater villas, we were upgraded to a standard overwater (likely due to a combination of our Hilton status + low occupancy due to COVID).

The villa was very modern. Bluetooth speakers in the room, bathroom, and deck connect to your phone to play the soundtrack of your choice; a large TV at the foot of the bed can be tucked away electronically. 

The bathroom was very tasteful, featuring double sinks and vanities, a large bathroom, and no less than six windows opening onto the water.

Even the closet featured million dollar views.

See the full villa tour below:


The Conrad property is located on an outer motu of Bora Bora. As a result, the hotel is a bit more exposed to the wind, the water is a slightly deeper blue than what you may find at the St Regis, and most of the property does not have views of the famous Mt. Otemanu, which is hidden behind the hill next to the Conrad.

While the location of the Conrad is not quite as prime as hotels like the St Regis and Conrad, the natural beauty and maintenance of the property makes up for the more remote location. Pathways were covered with paver stones which were so perfectly clean you could practically eat off of them.

The hotel also features a gorgeous pool on the beach, with a swim up bar. Bar prices were somewhat outrageous, with pina coladas priced around $30 each.

Because the property is on a hill, it has unique views of the water and island. Below is the view from the spa, which is similar to the view from the Horizon villas.

Restaurants & Service

The service at the hotel was some of the most outstanding service we have ever received in the world. For example, after our first morning having breakfast, we never had to tell people our names, preferred table, or drink orders again. The staff was friendly & personable and we got to know them personally throughout our stay.

Near our final day, we were celebrating a birthday; every staff member we encountered throughout the day - from our housekeeper to our breakfast staff to the welcome staff, spa staff, and room service staff- recognized the birthday throughout the day, offering sweet gifts and tokens of acknowledgment.

Beyond the sweet people, the quality of the food was top notch. The property offers a few restaurants: a fancy French restaurant (Iritai), a chinese restaurant (Banyan), a casual restaurant (Tamure), and a sushi place (Upa Upa). Prices were very high (e.g., one sushi roll costs about $25-$40), but quality of the food was also high.


One of the most special things about the Conrad's location was its close proximity to parts of the lagoon with rich marine life. Within a five minute boat ride we were able to reach an area rich with sharks & rays. Rather than book through the hotel, we booked directly via Moana tours, which charged about $350 for a 3-hour private boat ride around Bora Bora; we highly recommend them.

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