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Review: Miraval Resort & Spa

We were thrilled to hear the news when exclusive Arizona wellness resort Miraval Resort & Spa was recently acquired by Hyatt hotels. The Miraval is one of the most expensive hotels in the US, with rates typically starting at $1,500/night for double occupancy. So we decided to make a trip to check it out and see what all the hype was about.


We were able to make a reservation at the resort using World of Hyatt points. We booked our stay during a promotion run by Hyatt offering 50% off of points redemptions at Miraval. This was a phenomenal deal, netting out to the following redemption values:

  • Standard room (1 adult): 22.5K points
  • Standard room (2 adults): 32.5K points
  • Suite (1 adult): 37.5K points
  • Suite (2 adults): 47.5K points
  • Premium suite (1 adult): 52.5K points
  • Premium suite (2 adults): 62.5K points

We opted for 1 night at the resort, arriving ultra early (around 7am) and departing late (around 4PM), effectively giving us a full weekend on the property for the price of just one night.

This offer worked out even better for us as World of Hyatt credit card holders. That’s because Hyatt offered a $250 statement credit for us when we spent at least $500 on property.


The property is located in a secluded Arizona desert oasis, offering a series of pools, villas, restaurants, and activities interwoven with the Arizona desert.



While we weren't sure what to expect in terms of Hyatt recognition, upon arrival, we were thanked for being Hyatt Globalists and were upgraded to one of the top suites at the resort, including a private patio with desert mountain views.

The resort discourages use of phones in common areas. They provide a cute phone bed & sleeping bag for guests to store their phones so that they can focus on being present and enjoying the nature & activities on property.

The suite was equipped with a large bathroom as well as lovely Miraval toiletries.


One of the reasons why this is such a good redemption is that the resort is all-inclusive, and all meals are fully included. The food definitely has a healthy slant. The restaurant is a great place to see and be seen - the resort is filled with well-known guests looking to get away from their hectic work weeks.

For breakfast we ordered huevos rancheros and an omelette. Guests can order breakfast as well as browse items at the buffet.

For dinner, the restaurant typically offers a few menu options as well as a buffet to choose side dishes.

Fresh salmon

Short rib

Sesame noodles

Brussel sprouts

Cheese plate

Dessert was delicious but petite. While food was free, in general this is a good place to visit for those looking to focus on health and weight loss, as temptations are few and far between. Overall the food was quite healthful. Alcohol is available in some venues at an extra cost.

Grounds & Activities

The resort is located in a secluded area of the Arizona desert. Included in the rate are a number of activities including desert hikes, equestrian activities, meditation, fitness classes, and yoga.

Overall, we were quite happy with our stay at Miraval. While we used just 32.5K Hyatt points as part of their 50% off points bookings, given that typical paid rates go above $1,500/night, that all food and activities were included, and that we were upgraded to a villa, we felt we got a tremendous value for the points!

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