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Review: Qatar QSuites (JFK-DOH)

Qatar Qsuites is our favorite business class product in the world, and so we were very excited to review it on our latest trip from LA to JFK to Doha.

How we booked

We booked this flight using one of the best sweet spots in points & miles available today: using AAdvantage miles to book Qatar business class from US-Asia. This allowed us to book our flight for just 70,000 AA miles each way, from LAX all the way to the Maldives. Business class availability is generally pretty good, with up to 4 qsuites available on each JFK-Doha flight. Availability appears to be increasing as Qatar retrofits more A350s and 777s with Qsuites.


Our trip began in LA, where we were able to use the American Airlines Flagship lounge. Qatar does not have lounges in the US, so passengers flying on Qatar must use partner lounges. Luckily, this AA lounge is one of my favorite lounges in the US.

The lounge offers beautiful views of LAX and the runway, as well as a gourmet buffet. The lounge also usually features a la carte options, such as chef-prepared avocado toast.

Flight Experience

Since we've reviewed the LAX-JFK flight on AA previously, I won't cover that here - I'll skip straight to the Qatar flight.   Upon arriving to JFK, we quickly connected to our Qatar flight from JFK to Doha. The flight we took was recently converted from a 777 to an Airbus A350-1000, all of which have QSuites aboard. That means that now both flights between JFK - Doha are now operated with Qsuites equipped aircraft. Qatar also operates Qsuites on other routes including Houston, Chicago, and LAX.

The flight boarded early, and before we knew it, we were in the air.

We selected seats 3E and 3F, which are positioned directly next to each other in the center of the cabin and can be converted into a double bed. In order to book these seats, you must call Qatar directly, as they're blocked off on their website and reserved for passengers flying on the same reservation.

Because the cabin was only about half-full, we were able to spread out and each convert an E/F seat pair into our own double bed. The cabin crew lowered a partition in between the two seats, added a mattress pad and duvet, and set up each of our areas as a private double suite. Flying in my own cabin was incredibly private, and once the door was closed on both sides, the suite felt completely separate from what was going on in the rest of the cabin.

Each seat had ample storage including a pair of noise canceling headphones and a cold Evian water.

We were handed menus just before take-off. One of the best parts of Qsuites is the on-demand dining service. This is an industry-leading service that I've never experienced on another airline. Rather than being forced to take a specific meal alongside the rest of the cabin, passengers are allowed to order from a menu restaurant-style, a la carte, whenever they want.

I started with a mushroom soup course. The course comes with a bread trio, and the flight attendant set up an (electric) candle so that I could dine by candle light.

For my entree I ordered a chicken skewer. well as a filet mignon with a side of pita bread.

And for dessert, I ordered a rosé champagne and chocolate torte.

A few hours later, we ordered a la carte snacks: a protein platter and finger sandwiches.

We were also able to order breakfast options at any point in the flight. We opted to order breakfast around the time we landed in Doha (in the middle of the night).

I opted for the omelette and a selection of warm breads.

Overall the meal service was one of the highlights of the flight, and truly the best business class meal I've ever experienced - from the individually plated meals prepared a la carte, to the on-demand dining, to the caliber of fresh ingredients and attentive service.

Amenity Kit

Qatar offers one of the best amenity kits in the sky, by Bric's, and changes their amenity kit color several times a year. The kit is filled with luxury skincare products from Monte Vibiano, some of which normally retail for $70+. The kit itself is one of the best business class kits out there today, slightly beating out Delta's Tumi kits in my opinion.

Qsuites have the reputation as one of the best business class products out there today, and I have to agree based on our experiences with the product, and this flight was no exception.

This is undoubtedly one of the best uses of 70,000 AAdvantage miles out there today.

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